Kim Hambi London - Cassis And White Cedar Reed Diffuser

Cassis And White Cedar Reed Diffuser


The beautiful Cassis And White Cedar reed diffuser will add a touch of luxury to any home. The stunning delicate fruity and woody fragrance which will enhance any room. The fragranced oil is difussed into the air by the thick black reeds capturing your senses as you pass by.



For the home



Remove the stopper and insert the reeds into the opening. The reeds will absorb the fragrance of the oil, difussing it into the air. Wash hands after handling.

  • 120ml gold cap diffuser

  • 10 black reeds

  • Boxed


    The captivating fragrance oil of cassis berries and white cedar wood diffuser will enhance any room. Turn the reeds as and when you like for a delicate or intense fragrance. This is a perfect gift for the home.

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